A Cartoon

Here’s a political cartoon I drew. More to come.

Don't Get Out of the Way


1 thought on “A Cartoon

  1. I like the cartoons. I think many scientists remain kids at heart, even when the cartoon has a hard message.

    I think the last one speaks nicely to probability. The truck’s path might deviate a little, but the likelihood is high that both stick men will be schmucked by the truck. The probability of bad things caused by AGW is what seems to drive some of the so-called AGW ‘debate’, often labelled uncertainty. Insurance companies are very good at assessing the likelihood that they may have to pay out on particular events, such as floods and other extreme weather events. No one should attribute a single weather event to climate change. Weather and climate are not the same thing, although weather is clearly a function of climate. But I find it telling that after 6 years of living in Brandon that my home insurance company no longer offers flood insurance in my region, only sewer-backup coverage. I hope the poor people in Yorkton SK who were hit hard by a storm yesterday (July 1st) had flood insurance. I know I don’t … anymore.

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