Climate Denial Crock of the Week

In the popular media, Youtube, and the blogosphere, you get an awful lot of compelling documentaries of why climate change is nonexistent/natural/a global conspiracy. You don’t get as many grassroots projects from the advocates, at least not as many as you’d expect given the scientific distribution on the theory.

I recently came across a fantastic video series by Peter Sinclair, an American journalist. Keep in mind our credibility spectrum – Mr Sinclair is only a professional individual – but it appears that he cites the professional scientific organizations at the top of the spectrum almost exclusively.

Each of his videos deals with a common objection to the mainstream scientific view on climate change. Here’s his most recent, and my favourite, which addresses the all-too-common-claim that “Global warming stopped in 1998.”

If you enjoyed that, here are links to all his videos to date. Watch whichever ones strike your fancy.

“The Antarctic isn’t warming, so the planet, overall, isn’t changing at all.”

“It’s cold. So there’s no climate change.”

“The Arctic ice is growing, not declining.”

“Global warming is caused by the sun.”

“Climate change is a natural, unstoppable, 1500-year cycle.”

“The scientists were all warning of an ice age in the 70s, so why should we trust them now?”

“The urban heat island effect is skewing the data.”

“Every other planet in our solar system is also warming, so we can’t be causing it.”

“But lots of scientists signed the Oregon Petition saying climate change was false!”

“It was warmer during the Medeival Warm Period.”

“Al Gore said the ocean was going to rise more than the IPCC did.”

“Temperature determines carbon dioxide level, not the other way around.”

“Global warming stopped in 1998.”

Have fun and spread it around to your friends.


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