Denial Depot

Over at A Few Things Ill Considered, I was introduced to this site.

I’m almost positive that it’s satire. What do you think?

Whatever it is, it’s hilarious. Here are some of my favourite excerpts:

“It’s Friday afternoon at the IPCC climate lab. Dozens of government funded climate scientists are hunched around a big computer frantically feeding in dodgy punch cards. They’ve had it easy the rest of the year, not even wearing their lab coats most of the time, but this week is different. The IPCC report is due out on Monday and they must get those warming projections as high as possible before release.”

But worse we find out these satellites are using microwaves to measure ice! As an experiment I took a glass of ice and put it in a microwave oven…….I did observe the microwaves melting ice. So is in fact arctic ice decline being caused by sustained subjection of arctic ice by microwave radiation emitted from NASA satellites?”

“As well grounded climate skeptic bloggers we immediately become suspicious of this record because it shows a warming trend. We know that the surface record shows only Urban Heat Island bias and AC Unit Warming bias in this period. Yet neither of these effects will be picked up by satellites, so why do the satellites still show warming? Something is wrong. The #1 tool of the avid skeptic is imagination. So lets put our imagination to use and gather together some seeds of doubt. With luck some of these seeds will survive to grow into full blown talking points.”

“Why are the so-called experts silent about all the snow that is everywhere? Well it’s most likely because they are all shut indoors all day with their climate models. That’s right, they are so busy playing Climate Tron that they haven’t the foggiest idea what is going on outside anymore.”

Also check out the great lesson in exponentials.

Have fun!


8 thoughts on “Denial Depot

  1. Ever hear of Poe’s Law? Denial Depot is arguably the best example for climate issues (but yes, it’s satire. What’s hilarious is to read its early comments, before some people made the connection).

    • I wonder how many of the commenters believe that the site is serious and are actually posing ridiculous arguments, and how many are advocates who are having fun with the satire. For example, Cody Beck from A Few Things Ill Considered and How to Talk to a Climate Skeptic posted this:

      I’m curious as to what evidence you actually have that suggests a warming bias? All I see is conjecture and innuendo. If there were to be any bias at all from such an event (and these events are entirely accounted for in the routine data adjustments by the way), if there were any bias it would be a cooling bias due to minor mercury leaks from the big thermometers the satellite is carrying.

  2. The regular commenters know it’s satire and often post seriously on other blogs (or their own) under the same name. I only post there under pseudonyms, but I try to be over the top enough. Their best poe yet is on the microwave post, where someone found an apparently serious site making the same claim.

  3. Too real! Funny stuff:

    “However now we are using the red tape against them. Through clever use of Freedom of Information requests and YouTube takedowns we are slowing them down. If a file is moved, did they tell us? Did they have authorization to move it? How was it moved? Who moved it? When was it moved? Why did they move it? Are the timestamps for the move accurate? Was the move logged? Who audited the logs? Who authorized the audits of the logs? Are the log authorizations audited? Just who is paying for all of this??

    If we just hack away with these questions hopefully they will become so busy meeting our demands that they will miss the deadline for the next IPCC report. What we are looking for is strange file movements and procedures not met. This is what blog science is all about and we are doing it today.”

    The conspiratorial tone from the denialsphere is pretty amusing. They feed off much of the public’s desire to want to believe there’s no problem, removing any guilty they might feel opposing reductions in fossil fuel usage. If global warming had a much easier long-term solution, these types of bloggers wouldn’t exist.

    I liked the list of “demands”.

    “I hearby demand temperature records are unadjusted immediately.”

    Yes. If only the urban heat island adjustment was removed from the surface temperature products….

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