Image Collection

Thanks to Anna Haynes for the great idea!

You’re more than welcome to give links to your favourites in the comments. They don’t have to be cartoons, submit any images you want! Don’t try to directly embed the files, as WordPress will strip out your HTML. Just put in links, and I’ll embed them for you (unless they’re too large to be readable scaled down). Apparently administrator rights are required to enjoy the privilege of <img> tags!

Whenever possible, I will link the images to their original context.

From Lee Judge of Cartoonist Group:

From Nick Anderson of the Houston Chronicle:

h/t Colin Reynolds:

h/t Martin Vermeer for the next two:

By Tom Toles, h/t Brian D.:

From the Times, h/t Martin Vermeer again:

A post by Steve Easterbrook included this one:

h/t Anna Haynes and Things Break:

A fantastic infographic:

A great one from PhD Comics:


30 thoughts on “Image Collection

  1. Thanks! It will be good to have a place to collect these. Regarding the Tom Toles piece:


    My all time favorite, though not entirely AGW specific, is this one:

    Lots of good ones from Throbgoblin and from Toles; Joe Romm has most of the Toles ones.


    happy new year

  2. Thank you Kate! The “trick”(!) will be granting credit – ideally via a link back – to the original source.
    (and of course now you need a video collection… :-)

    From the New Yorker, cauldron, Apr 2010 –

    Tree Lobsters (#118 Skeptics & Charlatans) –

    How the media can manipulate our viewpoint
    “brilliant illustration of what cherry-picking can do to a message”

    (triptych, outer imgs being differently cropped versions of middle image, of soldier being threatened with gun and offered water.)

    Cartoon –

    ( What if it’s a big hoax & we build a whole better world for nothing)

    Schematic –

    The Tobis distribution (Distribution of professional opinion on anthropogenic climate change and its likely consequences under business as usual)

    Carbon, the bathtub metaphor

    (is there a simpler & more public-domain image available for this? it’s from Natl Geographic, )

    Yulsman’s “What are you looking at?” image

    (or: )
    discussed at

    Likely future temp. change under business as usual vs. reducing emissions –
    The Meinshausen et al. graph, peer reviewed –

    My incredibly-pathetic-that-it-has-to-be-us “climate science” & “climate citizen” posters/fliers, currently afflicted with packratitis –
    (They do have a modified Meinshausen future-temp graph with eyeball-added Fahrenheit scale on the right; & if anyone wants the Photoshop files to extract from or improve upon, let me know.)
    And misc climate artwork incl. bumpersticker designs (& earlier poster versions) are at
    (with similar aesthetic assessment, & same offer of .psd files)
    (& fyi, an exhaustive (or at least exhausting to read) bumpersticker slogan brainstorming session is at Romm’s, at and beyond )

  3. yup, the “trick” and many others are personal favorites, and it is a shame they are not linked at the cartoon itself. These two are roughly equivalent, but Marc Robert’s website seems less easy to navigate that his blog (below)
    (the latter shows he’s taking a break at the moment, but scrolling through will find lots of great stuff, and his text includes excellent links as well. He does a wonderful job of covering the nutjob controversy. BTW, he does not resemble Frank – I’d love to know how he comes up with these characters.)
    He wants the traffic, so the ID is important.

  4. Cartoons h/t TB (and Kate) –

    (interview with James Hansen who’s bafflled by snowstorm)

    Thanks Anna, I love that one! -Kate

    (handy denialist measuring stick, for proving GW false and earth flat)

  5. Throbgoblins’ Shouting Fire on a Crowded Planet –

    (“Alarmist, demanding AND dictatorial all in ONE sentence. You EXCEL yourself, Frank. You won’t get ANYBODY’s cooperation that way.”)

  6. If you google image search for
    bagley quack faker obama
    …you’ll see a cached copy of one of my favorites; better save it though, the orig link is dead.

    Here it is: -Kate

  7. [[A stick man is behind computer]] Voice outside frame: Are you coming to bed? Man: I can’t. This is important. Voice: What? Man: Someone is WRONG on the internet. {{title text: What do you want me to do? LEAVE? Then they’ll keep being wrong!}}

  8. (retrying, rm tags)
    The above oil spill cartoon (“Oil! We’re rich!”) –
    img src=””

    “One of the best climate change ads I’ve seen” (hourglass, time is running out, sea level rising)
    img src=””

  9. WordPress did something really weird and stripped the src declaration out of the img tag when I embedded it for you, and now the URL is gone. Do you want to try again, mt? -Kate

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