AGU 2011

I know that many of you will be at the annual American Geophysical Union conference next week in San Francisco. If so, I’d invite you to come by and take a look at our poster! It will be up all Thursday morning in Halls A-C, Moscone South. I will be around for at least part of the morning to chat and answer questions.

You can view an electronic version of our poster, as well as read our abstract and leave comments, on the new AGU ePosters site.

Hope to see some of you next week!


4 thoughts on “AGU 2011

  1. Well done Kate. a couple of weeks ago our local weekly ran a Tim Ball propoganda piece( free copy ien sur). He claimed that climate knowledge in Canada was good 25 years ago when he was involved but is poor now.

    I wrote a letter to the editor pointing to a number of Canadian blogs and blog commentators. Yours was a site I recommended as an example of the high quality student studying climate in Canada. I also recommended Steve. My letter was not printed.

    John McManus

  2. I’ll say the division of atmosphere- , ocean- and land-centric models is an important one as ocean holds the most heat, atmosphere is the modifier of absorbed energy, and land is the most complex (in carbon cycle) and important wrt agriculture, maybe equal amounts of code/computing time should be assigned to all of these? One really hard a decision to do which to prefer.

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