Two Great TED Talks

Both are about climate modelling, and both are definitely worth 10-20 minutes of your time.

The first is from Gavin Schmidt, NASA climate modeller and RealClimate author extraordinaire:

The second is from Steve Easterbrook, my current supervisor at the University of Toronto (this one is actually TEDxUofT, which is independent from TED):


3 thoughts on “Two Great TED Talks

  1. OK… there are three videos on this page. I guess I was selected to see an ad that WordPress has assigned to me. Curious as to how accurate might be the targeting, I had to watch.

    I was selected to see a Captain Crunch (adult?) commercial

    Given the subject matter of the other videos – I feel woefully misunderstood and nearly insulted. Or perhaps this demonstrates how little they know about me.

    S’OK..thank you for this post – the videos you selected are great and vitally important to understanding. Is so rare to get good lectures for the student or lay or devoted public audience. Thanks for finding these. .

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